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Lilian Welling

Balanced Living Kinesiology - background info

Lilian Welling

Balanced Living came alive in 2001, after Lilian finished her Educational-Kinesiology training, and was ready to assist other people to improve their lives through kinesiology.

In 1984 Lilian emigrated from Holland and settled down in Gembrook for the first 28 years, bringing up her children.  Now as a proud grandparent Lilian lives and works in Berwick.

In the late 90’s Lilian got into Kinesiology when she had some sessions herself that turned her life around. It relieved a lot of the stress she was carrying and gave her a new look on life.  Also her then 8 yr old son received great benefits. He used to have one leg turned out  (‘he will grow out of it’ –they had told her since he was born), yet two kinesiology sessions later saw a huge difference…and we no longer had to wait till he “grows out of it…”.

This personal experience in positive enlightenment inspired her to review her life direction, with a new focus on aiding others: Kinesiology being the obvious way in which best to achieve this. With the decision made Lillian began formally studying in ’99 and in 2001 Balanced Living came into existence.

Kinesiology session Lilian with boy 03


Kinesiology session Lilian with girl 02

Over the subsequent years she has facilitated many sessions; to reduce physical and emotional pain, to release stress & fears, to improve self-esteem & confidence, to work through small business issues, relationship issues, learning challenges etc.

Many women, men, adults, teenagers and children have benefitted from her great listening skills and light-hearted style.

Lilian loves learning and over the years she has continued studying various kinesiology modalities; in relation to Education, Neural organisation in the body, hypertension in the muscles, energy & vibration and Touch for health.
















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In 2007 she came across ICPKP and was very impressed with the full comprehensive framework they provided.

This then led her to achieve her Diploma in Kinesiology and the advanced diploma in Kinesiopractor ® at Kinesiology Connection in Hawthorn.

Lilian then followed with up her international faculty training with ICPKP. Hence she is not only consulting clients she is now also training up the next generation of Kinesiology practitioners!

Lilian Teaching Kinesiology


It became clear, quite early in the piece, that there was a need for people to learn some techniques -without becoming a professional- to assist them in their day-to-day lives.

Balanced Living has offered workshops in a fun and practical way from the start. As they are well structured, the workshops offer people great kinesiology skills to support themselves and give other natural therapy practitioners a chance to enjoy and broaden their skills.

In 2013-2014 Lilian once more experienced the power of Kinesiology and wholefood supplements personally, as she was moving on from a marriage and straight after was diagnosed with a cancerous lump in her breast, which was removed and followed up with chemo and radiation treatment, all the while utilizing all her knowledge and experience in the field of Kinesiology and diet.

She is very pleased the way the body pulled itself through it and feels that without Kinesiology, adjusted diet and the wholefood supplements, the story would have been different.

In September 2015 Lilian started her new volunteer adventure with Rotary in Narre Warren and is excited with the prospect of being able to participate in the many projects locally and internationally.


Lilian Hasenbos Scouting

Besides her love for learning, she has since 1994 enjoyed being part of the scouting movement. Starting off as a parent helper before going into uniform as a Cub Leader. A few years later she was asked by a group of youth members to set up a Venturer Unit (14-18yr old).  She did that and was a Venturer Leader for seven years. Study and work commitment saw her taking on the role of DLATS (District Leader Adult Training and Support) and from there a shift to the Scouting Fellowship.

Scouting has given her a lot of joy and some great experiences, including going to a Jamboree, biking, hiking, camping, canoeing, abseiling, and rock climbing.

Hiking is still her greatest love in outdoor activities and she has been able to do two major hikes in Tasmania so far and can’t wait to do other 7+ day hikes in the future…

Right now though Lillian is enjoying supporting others, with ample opportunities found back in her consultations, workshops, and in her role as ICPKP trainer.

She is committed and passionate about her vocation and will continue to learn more and share her knowledge with as many people as she can.

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the official bits & pieces

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Lilian Welling
Professional Kinesiology Consultant
(Kinesiology Dip, Adv. Int. Kinesiology Dip, N.O.T. Dip)
International ICPKP faculty
K-Power ® Instructor
Member of  AIK & ICPKP




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Diploma of KinesiologyDiploma of Kinesiology

Faculty Training CertificateFaculty Training Certificate

International Diploma of KinesiologyInternational Diploma of Kinesiology International Post Graduate Diploma of Kinesiopractic ®International Diploma of Kinesiology

Neurological Organisation Therapy Diploma

N.O.T. Diploma

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