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Health benefits

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Health Benefits of Kinesiology

Kinesiology can assist with:

  • Anxiety and stress release

  • Pain reduction

  • Improved mobility

  • Overcoming past traumas

  • Increasing energy levels

  • Learning difficulties

  • Behavioral difficulties

  • Depression, fears or confusion

  • Confidence & self esteem

  • Spiritual & personal growth

Did you know Kinesiology also:

  • Is suitable for all ages
  • Is a safe and caring environment
  • Finds root cause of blockages
  • May incorporate other healing techniques
  • Enhances your quality of life
  • Allows the body to naturally heal itself
  • Improves performance at school, work, home, etc
  • Improves Mind Body Soul Connection



Clients' Feedback:


About Personal Consultations

Alina writes: "...my daughter's body was out of sync from her brain to below the hips, so walking was much more effort than it should have been ... and this had an effect on her view of the world as well." [read more]

Ian W. writes: "...My spine is straighter and my pain level is almost non existent. Absolutely amazing! I am now walking on a daily basis, lifting weights a couple of times a week and even doing chores around the house. Since my first visit I haven't even had a Panadol..." [read more]

Heather P. writes: "People who know me, can't believe the difference and are amazed. So much pain has gone from my body and I see life in a much more positive and lovely way now." [read more]

David P. writes: As a result of Lilian's work, I felt more co-ordinated in all my activities e.g. an improved walking stride, doing every job around my house, and less stress when reading and learning. [read more]

Hannah's mum writes: "...when Hannah first started brain gym ...she was way below average at school in all things." and "Hannah is currently ahead of her year level, I am just amazed at what she has achieved since she has started brain gym." [read more]

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About our workshops



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Brain Booster Workshop:

  • "It was very friendly and relaxed."
  • "What you are doing is a really great thing, all the people you are helping, fantastic, we really needed someone in the hills that is really out there for the people."
  • "Very interesting and well presented."
  • [read more]

Kinesiology Workshops:

  • Info was great - morning tea was delicious - company was interesting and varied.
  • Your passion shines & you keep information accessible.
  • Very good- Lucid, carefully prepared, logical.
  • Lovely venue, great topic, exceptional content from the point of view of being understood - small class, individual instruction. Yeah!
  • [read more]

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