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Lilian Welling

Lilian Welling has been supporting and educating people since 2001. People of all walks of life and all ages have benefitted from her consultations and workshops.

The main reasons clients come for a session are that they want to experience life with more energy and self confidence, improve their mobility, enhance their academical skills, enjoy their job, achieve their goals and/or have better relationships, and much more.

Kinesiology sessions allow people to gain more out of life, to be proud of what they achieve, to feel more energised and look forward to the future.

PKP Kinesiology is a great way to improve your life. It uses muscle feedback to identify imbalances in your structural, chemical, mental and emotional energy systems. By correcting these imbalances the PKP Kinesiology consultant is able to re-activate the body’s built-in healing ability, as well as looking at external factors affecting your wellbeing.

Balanced Living offers professional consultations and practical fun Share & Care mini workshops via Zoom for her clients that will give them powerful skills and information to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

Balanced Living provides kinesiology services for the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, including Berwick, Beaconsfield, Pakenham, Narre Warren, Cranbourne, Emerald, Cockatoo, Belgrave, Dandenong, Hallam, Tooradin, Warrugal and beyond. 

Being only 3km off the M1 (turn-off 24) it is easily reached!


Enjoy the gift of good health and Balanced Living this year!


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