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Feedback about "Share & Care" workshops on Zoom:

The Share & Care sessions are a fantastic support channel to bring additional techniques for dealing with life, while learning with everyone's experiences..

- Lindsay O

(“Share & Care” workshops on Zoom)

I have joined a handful of Share & Care zoom workshops over the past couple of years. I have found the evenings very insightful, very practical and fun. I feel very comfortable in the group and enjoy hearing about other people’s experiences and how they take things on board. I love the little challenges that follow these evenings too. Thank you Lilian!

- Karen J.

(“Share & Care” workshops on Zoom)

I have been a part of the Zoom Share & Care mini workshops for about a year. For me it is a safe space to be honest and share each other's experiences, thoughts and looks at behaviour patterns and how we can change/improve/make better choices. They educate me in ways to look at things in a different perspective and teaches me tools to take away with me in everyday life.

- Naomi N.

(“Share & Care” workshops on Zoom)

Feedback about "The Power of Words" Workshops:

"Kinesiology has changed my whole life on so many levels. There has been numerous times when my body has felt like it has been in complete overwhelm, fatigue and generally very stressed/ depressed/ anxiety.  
After attending a kinesiology session with Lilian and working with the mysterious subconscious mind, no matter what issues may arise I feel empowered, energized and ready to move forward on the next part of my life journey with my new knowledge and wisdom.
I enjoy doing workshops as it allows me the opportunity to meet like  minded people, refresh and learn /aquire new skills.  Thanks Lilian for sharing your wonderful knowledge and experience with us."

- Christine

(“The Power of Words” workshop)

"The Power of Words workshop gives you an opportunity to check the language you use and to choose words that will provide you the energy to live well."

- Rachael

(“The Power of Words” workshop)

"It was very positive and interesting and gave me a great introduction to Kinesiology.
Thank you !"                          

- Anonymous

(“The Power of Words” workshop)

Feedback about Brain Booster Workshops:

What did you like most about the workshop?

  • The relaxed atmosphere.
  • Atmosphere.
  • It was very friendly and relaxed.
  • Everything!
  • The knowledge I can take away & use in my work practice.
  • Learning about the 2 brain halves and the exercises to assist.
  • Demonstrations of the exercises.
  • All of it!
  • Brain Gym exercises. The whole of Brain Gym and balancing.
  • Practical Demonstrations.
  • All very interesting.
  • The hands on physically participating + being able to see/feel the difference!

Would you recommend it to others? And if so, why?

  • Yes I would. It's a great feeling knowing you can manage stress. I think it could help others
  • Yes- Great for people working with children and the welfare field
  • Yes, because everything is worth a go.
  • Yes, as it is very interesting.
  • Yes, every extra bit of info will assist others in learning and life.
  • Yes, its amazing.
  • Yes, can see the potential benefits of Brain Gym.
  • Yes, because it opens you up to new opportunities.
  • Yes, because I know it really works & has excellent results.

Any other comments?

  • You have loads more confidence when you speak, and Lilian, the presentation is great too.
  • Very interesting and well presented.
  • Would be good to promote through community houses.
  • I'm a sceptic by nature yet are willing to give this a go.
  • Very interesting.
  • Different to anything I have learnt before.
  • I enjoyed it.
  • What you are doing is a really great thing, all the people you are helping, fantastic, we really needed someone in the hills that is really out there for the people.
  • Great day, plenty to take away with us and follow up on
  • As this was a very small group it was great + very involving + informative, I wonder if a larger group would lessen or enhance participation.
  • This is not a stressful workshop and it is enjoyed.

Feedback about Kinesiology Workshops:

What did you like most about the workshop?

  • Learning, friends.
  • Clear explanations & lots of practical to consolidate.
  • Info was great - morning tea was delicious - company was interesting and varied.
  • Your passion shines & you keep information accessible.
  • Small size meant plenty of time for practical & questions.

Would you recommend it to others? And if so, why?

  • Yes Great basic skills to assist others in simple balances.
  • Yes, because it is a brilliant diagnostic tool.
  • Probably, if the need arises - it is great for someone who needs these skills, but my peer group isn't looking for such things.
  • Yes. There are easily attainable benefits for any & everyone.

Any other comments?

  • As I didn't know what to expect, I was very happy to find it all fitted in very well with my previously accumulated knowledge.
  • Thank you!
  • This year for me I feel for the first time in a long while that I have some direction of my own making. Having background in Tai Chi for healing, dance, astrology & sewing (creatively!). I found this workshop another wonderful little parcel to add into the shopping bag. The class was comfortable & Lilian has a wonderful focussed yet relaxed way of imparting her knowledge. Thank you!
  • Very good- Lucid, carefully prepared, logical.
  • Lovely venue, great topic, exceptional content from the point of view of being understood - small class, individual instruction. Yeah!

Feedback about our 2 hour Informative Seminars:

Did you find the session informative?

  • Interesting, I had never heard of Kinesiology before.
  • Yes, Brain Gym was good. I have done Touch For Health so there was some revision. Finding out what stays in the brain.
  • Yes, it was all new info. Would have liked more info on the physiological reasons behind therapy.
  • Yes it was informative.
  • Yes, It was all new to me and it something that I am interested in.
  • All new info, very interesting.
  • Informative, interesting, challenging
  • Yes, was not totally new information but was what I expected. Still feel I need to know more in depth about benefits it can have for me, so I will pursue this! Thank you.
  • Yes informative but not what I expected.
  • At stages, a lot of the information seemed a bit strange. However I was aware of the L & R brain function & how to activate it. Makes sense to cross over.

Any other comments?

  • Good that we could buy the book!
  • Very clear and friendly presentation. I will be in touch.
  • Simply presented.
  • I would have liked to try more exercises.
  • Presenter obviously passionate about what she believes in!

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